Monday, 28 June 2010

Make me smile, make me frown.

I woke up this morning and read about how Verison was charging a soldier's widow an Early Termination Fee on the deceased Marine's cell-phone contract, and it almost immediately left a bad taste in my head. Luckily, there was a story in the Tundra Drubs that made me smile just a bit:

Now, he's dishing up salmon-head soup, smoked smelt and Eskimo ice cream made with white fish, berries and Crisco, called akutaq.
And of course, almost every day is fry bread day.
"If we go a few days without that, we're getting complaints," he said.
The wild-food deliveries -- allowed under a state exemption for the hospital -- are a hit.
Usually, anyway.
A couple elders turned up their noses at roasted ptarmigan -- shot by Callahan during a snowmachine outing this winter. They'd apparently lost their liking for the bird.
Story here. I always find the description of akutaq funny - well, yes, it sound weird when you put it like that. But how would you explain meatloaf? :)

Here's a bird from this weekend, telling me where I can go stick my head:

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