Thursday, 6 January 2011

Snowmachine HUD

One thing I've always disliked about riding my snowmachine is that I have no idea how fast I'm going. I have a general feel for things, sure, and I divide it into two speeds - safe, and not safe (but fun). But the problem is that my speed gauge frosts over, and I can't actually read it all winter long. My snowmachine never gets hot enough to thaw the frost off the watchglass.

That's got me dreaming about a snowmachine helmet that's like a fighter jet helmet, where important information is projected directly on the visor of the helmet. That way you can see speed, fuel, oil, and GPS location without having to look down from the trail at the dashboard. I've found that when I'm riding in the interior (where I do the bulk of my riding now), you can't really take your eyes off the trail for very long at all, because most of the time you're in some very closed forest. Your snowmachine won't blow up like in True Lies if you hit a tree, but it's generally very un-fun to hit one.

Well, via Gizmodo, it looks like a company called Recon is going to produce goggles with integrated LCD screens. They're looking to sell these to skiers, but I think some things, like an HUD GPS, would be a godsend to snowmachiners. Of course, like everything else, a GPS isn't a replacement for good old fashion knowledge of the trails around you, and a map and compass never have dead batteries, but it'd be a really cool toy to have for riding!


Arvay said...

Spent some time on google maps today, LOL. So, if you follow Salchaket Slough up from the Tanana, you hit a road to nowhere. Click for the sat view, the road goes to some... what the hell is that in the middle of nowhere? Only accessible in winter, obvy. What ees eet? Ever been there? :O

TwoYaks said...

If you rightclick in google maps and select "What's here?" it'll copy the lat-long into the search bar. I think you're looking at the power lines, or the Blair Lakes trail. The latter leads to either Blair Lakes, or (more likely what you're looking at) the Blair Lake Air Force Range, which is where they have some buildings. I'm not sure what they're doing out there - trespass over there is a major no-no.

Arvay said...

Oo what a nifty trick!


Yup, it's the Blair Lake Air Force Range. That "road" is called the Bonnifield Trail, and I found info about it here:

Cool stuff.

The very end of Bonnifield Trail is apparently still a road in town, too.

I love stuff like this!

Arvay said...

It sounds like a hell of a recreational hike--unexploded ordinance and unmarked traps! Where do I sign up?

TwoYaks said...

Huh. I never realized that hooked into the Bonnifield trail, and not the Blair Lake trail. Learn something new every day. Not that I'm likely to go out into an active bombing range... :)