Thursday, 24 February 2011

Beer notes from Tuesday

This is a beer I tried at the Alaskan Beer and Barley Wine festival, and it was the first amongst all of the beers I tried that day. This... this is excellent. 

Alaskan Smoked Porter, by Alaskan Brewing Company
The bottle is 65.1cl brown glass, with a single, simple label that has no clear indication of brewing date. Pouring it, the beer is a dark brown with a light beige head that fades to mere ring. It smells of oak, the smoked salmon, and dark malts. It tastes like pork fat and smoked salmon, with a light coffee like maltose taste beneath it all. It has a crisp bite, with an airy hint of the smoked taste lingering. It drinks easily, especially with other, stronger flavours.4.55 of 5 A+

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Arvay said...

Hey, I saw a big huge (bull?) moose with blond hind legs near campus. I've never seen a blond moose or a moose with blond markings, only white!