Saturday, 26 July 2008


Hello! I think that's the traditional way to start a blog, by making people feel welcome . I've long wanted to keep a blog about science, Alaska, and those things that my family and friends find horrendously boring; this is my attempt at that blog! My name is TwoYaks, and I live here:

Well, not really, since that's a picture taken from the downtown. I like to avoid that place like I avoid hammering my fingers with a maul. It's weird down there. I'm a wildlife biologist for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF), but more of the researchy sort. I've little (no) say in management, which is handled by ADF&G (Alaska Department of Fish and Game) and Fish and Wildlife (a fed office). My role is more as that guy who steps in when people say `we need more science` (more on that phrase later!).

Otherwise, I'm just a young gun (You're old when you're dead) who likes much of what anyone else likes. I started my job up here about a year ago. Alaska's dirty secret is that Alaskans are mostly normal folk. Oh, sure, some of the details around the margins change, but we're otherwise fairly normal people. We just happen to live in a really pretty place, where you have to go about life a tad differently.

Waqaa! Wiinga TwoYak-augua, elpet-mi? Igarlarciqua yugcetun cali. Kiungaitut, taugam yugcetun elitaa pilarciqua-llu.

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Welcome to the're making a nice start.