Thursday, 15 July 2010

Will we ever catch up with Cuba?

Marginal Revolution, a wonderful economics blog, reproduces this following graph.

I'll take it down if they want me to - it's their work. Two things strike me when I look at this. First, the bulk of the wold is around the gender parity mark for education. Except for one massive exception, which is India. India has a large population, and falls on the left side of the parity line, meaning that females have less than males. You could move all the other outliers over into the main cluster, and you wouldn't budge the world average much.

Secondly, Muslim Countries are at one some of the best and worst nations when it comes to parity. Pakistan isn't some third world nation - it's a major political and economic player. The quality of living is fairly high there. And yet they're very low in terms of parity. On the other hand, Iran is not known for its womens rights (although it is no Afghanistan), and Palestine there are systematic abuses of women in the name of Moral policing. And yet they're both healthily above the parity line.  I wonder if culture is a major cause of variance in this graph... I'd do the analysis myself, but I wouldn't know how to lump the countries.

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