Friday, 27 August 2010

A newly old brand of crazy?

I was going to write about the big behav-ecol kerfluffle that's stemming from E.O. Wilson's decision to go off the deep end (gee, I wonder where Tuuk stands?), but time has conspired against me. I didn't have enough time to write it up today, and probably want to put it off so I have a chance to re-read the paper. It's familiar - I was there for a lecture previewing the arguments about 6 years ago (?) at the University of Utah.

Instead, here's a brand of crazy I had no clue existed. There are people out there who dispute germ theory? Seriously? Are we going back to the witch based theory of disease?


themadengineer said...

Usually I see support for humor-based homeopathy, "spiritual" theories of disease, and vitalistic nonsense.
You know, "woo woo."

gpc said...

Fascinating. And now I see them everywhere . . .