Wednesday, 10 November 2010



Arvay said...

Do you have any opinions on the management of the Fortymile herd?

Also... is the amount they allow to be hunted really the biggest factor in the growth and shrinkage of the herd nowadays? I'd think that food availability and natural cycles would also play some role.

TwoYaks said...

I have an opinion, but you have to booze me up in person to get it. ;) I'd prefer not to comment on statewide management efforts, especially this one, on the internet. :)

Hunting is a major factor in population demography, yeah. Human predation tends to target prime aged animals, who are responsible for the bulk of the breeding. Other forms of predation modulate the rate at which the herd grows through acting on calf survival. Additionally, the habitat is not very degraded. It's likely that Caribou are under carrying capacity at this point.

Arvay said...

Ah... thanks! I might have to take you up on hanging out sometime. We're both pseudo-anonymous, but I think we both know perfectly well who each other is! :)