Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Qayaqa kit'enrituq!

Wow, I pop on off for a few days, and I have no shortage of things to post about! I think I'll start with what I'm most proud of, my finishing my boat.

That's right, I finished sealing it (I needed a sunny day that I wasn't busy on) with Urathane, after getting quite a bit on my hands! And then I let it sit over night. Let me tell you, I couldn't wait for the stuff to cure! I was up first thing in the morning, because it was time to dig out the PFD and test the boat!

I took it to a small lake in my back yard, after the duck hunters were done filling the air with shot, and checked the water temperature. Qerrupaa! Okay, so I don't want to stick around in the water, that's for sure! I got it deep in enough at the marshes that I could launch it.
It floated! Any leaks I don't yet see are a slow leak that I can patch easily. Given the whole project was just made up as I went along, I was amazed. It seemed to roll a bit under me, which surprised me given how low it's centre of gravity was. I think I neglected to anticipate how top heavy adding me would make it. I'll have go deliberately roll qayaqa, to find out where the tipping point is.

All the technical stuff aside... it floats! It didn't sink! I'm so happy! I can't wait to put it on the river!


gpc said...

Congratulations! I'm impressed.

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