Friday, 11 September 2009

Recycling Shopping Bags

While I'm against plastic shopping bags - few things makes me angrier than finding random plastic shopping bags wafting across the tundra - I'm a bit disappointed in the decision to tax plastic shopping bags. I reuse the plastic shopping bags as trash bags, and as packing material for shipping things. Luckily, I have a small hoard of the plastic bags left over. I'm not sure this is the best way to fund a recycling program.

On the plus side, it'll encourage people to shop at places other than Freds and Walmarts: Small businesses are exempt from the new plastic bag tax.


Arvay said...

What about the produce bags? I go out of my way to find the thick, sturdy ones instead of the translucent, flimsy ones because I use them for picking up dog poop. :) If I had no need, however, I'm sure the flimsy ones are less wasteful of plastic. But I need a good barrier between poop and me. :)

TwoYaks said...

Very good question. I don't know. What about those little tiny bags that they put meat in? Are those 5¢ too?

William said...

What about recycling? I don't know about Alaska, but I worked at a local Walmart who recycled hundreds of pounds of plastic bags a day; do they get a rebate?

William said...

A further thought; you seem happy that the stores that recycle the most are being hit by the tax, while those less likely to recycle (small businesses) are not; just more leftist academic elitism?

TwoYaks said...

Me, leftist? I'm about as leftist as a taco is authentic Eskimo food. I said right in my post, I'm disappointed in the decision to tax it.

My support for local businesses has less to do with politics, than pure economics. Small businesses keep their money by and large in town more effectively larger businesses and national chains. Small businesses are good for my local economy, and that economic improvement improves my town. I benefit directly from small businesses in a better place to live. I'm being very selfish, actually.

Re: recycling at Wal*Marts, I'm fairly sure I heard this brought up. I don't think they get a break.