Monday, 18 October 2010

Beer Notes from Sunday

Jubelale by Deschutes, Oregon.

The bottle is a typical 12 oz Deschutes bottle, with a purple label that informs me that Jubelale is a "festive winter ale," and little else. There's a best by date stamped by the UPC, but no indication when it was bottled. You can smell the hops before you've even poured; the beer is a dark oak colour, just edging on transparent, with little evident carbonation. The head is down to a thin ring in short order.

The aroma is dominated by hops, with just the faintest hint of caramelized sugar. The flavour is more balanced, with the smoky coffee flavour that Deschutes does so well blended with hops and something malty. The beer finishes dry, with just a slight bitter aftertaste. It seems to improve as it warms, the flavours becoming more distinct. Not terribly drinkable for for my money, though - just a touch too dry. 3.7 out of 5. B.

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