Thursday, 21 October 2010

Egg eating Snakes

While I'm 'nomming' my lunch (As the cool kids say), I was reading about this interesting group of critters. See, I learnt a rule in college that says you should never eat anything bigger than your head. Clearly, these egg eating snakes have never heard of this rule.

You can read more about them over at Jerry Coyne's blog, WEIT. While mammals have a reasonably diverse group of modes of feeding, I can't think of anything as outlandish as this in the species I study. No one who owns a dog will be impressed by how fast a wolf can eat, and moose and caribou have comparatively boring feeding ecology. It's days like this I'm envious of other scientists for working on really crazy weird critters. :P

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Arvay said...

Sweet jeebus! I love his big smile in the freeze frame, LOL