Monday, 11 October 2010

Wing-bat envy

Here in Alaska, we only get senate candidates who 
  • go on unemployment, and then argue unemployment should get removed, 
  • lie about why they won't release their records, 
  • fail to pay their taxes, 
  • apply for low-income resident hunting licenses that they aren't qualified for, 
  • want to abolish the federal minimum wage,
  • apply for medicare money, which they're vehemently against,
  • accept farm subsidies which they're vehemently against,
  • and who think that the 17th amendment was just a crummy idea because really, what to voters know anyhow?
Well, that and Lisa Murkowski, who should really have her name legally changed to something like "Lisa Smith" for her write in campaign, if she wants any chance in heck. But let's be honest, how boring is that? There's no style. It's just boring old rank-hypocrisy from a self-important group of blowhards who lust after power like I lust after a big bowl of ice cream. There's nothing new or exciting there. We have Palin going around talking about Death Panels, and other forms of verbal diarrhoea, but she's pretty much gone national now. She's the 'States' problem now (sorry guys). Oh, and I've heard rumours we got some other guy running, too.

But Delaware? They have candidates who say that although they dabbled in witch-craft once upon a time, that honestly, they've stopped being a witch. She also denies evolution, and has a strange obsession with... well... topics that are really none of her business. And honestly, that makes our craziest candidates look sane and well adjusted. I guess when people say we should go back to the root of what makes this country great, they mean going back to the 1600s:


Mad Engineering said...

The representative of my district was arrested a few years ago. For some rather serious crimes. That was kind of embarrassing.
I think that we, the electorate, just aren't paying enough attention to these kinds of issues. We'll vote for a guy who promises us highway money, and completely ignore numerous red flags that suggest that maybe we should elect someone who isn't a criminal, idiot, or scumbag.

TwoYaks said...

What's bizarre is that not only is the AKian Senate candidate not for getting us the highway money, he's actively opposed to it. It's like Miller doesn't know that the highway system was created by Dwight Eisenhower, and not by Karl Marx.

It's just plain bizarre

But AK is in close contention with IL when it comes to corruption. It seems like for a while, every week there was a new state rep under arrest for taking bribes from industry...