Friday, 19 December 2008

Dog Day Stretches

As we slowly near the solstice, things seem to be going slower, and slower. I swear, if things power down much more, they'll reach a mere crawl. Campus is more or less empty - I like it like that. Good parking, no students wandering into the lab where they aught not to be, no worries about the dozen little trivialities that come with a full campus. Oh, and the showers are almost always free now.

We won't get students back until Jan 20th. At first I thought it was odd, having a month long break, but after a little bit I realized just why - they don't want students on Campus in what's, on average, the coldest part of the year. It costs less in heating, it minimizes accidents, and power consumption for things like lights are lower. It makes a lot of sense to have the big gap, here. The down side is that around may 20th, when spring classes end, the summer seasonal employment has kicked up, so there's little time for students to get situated before they have to go.

I've got some pictures of the folks working on the ice sculptures, from when I went over the museum to use Link Olson's prep lab. I got a picture of the guy chizelling away red-handed in day light, for Avery. When they finish the sculptures, I'll have to go and take pictures of them all. I'm very fond of the polar bear down on College and University, next to the sign. It looks better this year! I've thrown up a picture of last year to compare it. It was taken on a balmy day, as you can see - you know, we really haven't had any cold days yet. I know they'll come, it's just curious they haven't happened yet. At least it hasn't been hot like last year.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I miss those warm, balmy, long Squarebanks December days... Just too darned cold down here!

Arvay said...

In broad daylight, eh? Hrrmph! Cheeky bastards!