Friday, 12 December 2008

Fairbanks City Gov't continues to make asses of themselves.

I was fairly surprised to read that the Yukon Quest is in danger of being cancelled because the city won't pony up money that it normally would. At first I thought it was the DNM getting the story wrong, but with a little poking, I found out that they weren't joking. Why won't they give the grant? Not for any budgetary reason, no. Because they were late with the filing. I want to know this: are they stupid, dumb, or both?

The Yukon Quest brings people in from outside. People with money. Sales turn into tax revenue. That's why they damn well throw money toward the Yukon Quest to begin with, because they get it back! Further, it helps keep good relations with The Yukon. It's a thing we can use to advertise our fair city. It helps maintain our image (Which, in the case of tourism, is important). It's a community activity for crying outloud. We benefit by getting to be involved!

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allmycke said...

But don't you understand - rules are rules!!!:-(
I get a massive headache from crap like this - no matter where it happens.