Monday, 6 April 2009

Conference prep.

Does it seem like I "phoned it in" last week? That's because I did. We've got the Alaska Chapter of the Wildlife Society having the meeting in Fairbanks tomorrow, and we decided to reveal our hybridization research. To borrow someone else's words, this has left me in a lurch.

And then my bum computer went and broke. I needed that computer for lots of stuff. Like all my data was on it. We got the computer working on Friday - the powersupply burnt up, but the motherboard was safe.

Anyhow, this week is going to be very busy too, so the posts are likely to be equally bum. I'm sorry in advance.

One thing we realized, while running around at the last minute, is that we rarely take pictures of the animals we work with. None of us had a single picture of reindeer or caribou from our research - though we've got no shortage of hunter caught caribou pictures. I drove to LARS and the agricultural station to snap a whole bunch of quick photos, including this one, which I snapped from 350 yards.

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