Thursday, 9 April 2009

Conference wrapup and the warming world!

Well, the conference is winding down, and some people have left already. Finally, I'm back in my office, wondering what on earth I researched before all this started! Mostly, I'm researching where I left my mug, so I can make some tea.

It's actually good to see our work in some larger context. I had to laugh at the number of times someone came up to me and said `someone should fund that work!` Well, yeah, I think so too. Can you spare a brother a dime? But clearly, we're narrowing in on something managers across the state desperately want.

Somewhere, in the last week, it's passed some magic threshold where the snow gets filthy (so dirty!) and I start wearing shortsleeve shirts. In the grand scheme of things, breakup isn't that far off!

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