Monday, 13 April 2009

Expanding the lead ban?

While most people had a great Easter, mine was spent being sick with what was either a light case of food poisoning, or more likely a stomach bug. Later on, I did the laundry, because I had to. Yes, I live a life of excitement.

Now excuses why I didn't blog out of the way, I want to write briefly about the lead ban in the Y-K delta. At the conference for the Wildlife Society here in Fairbanks, I got a chance to ask someone about the lead shot ban for game hunting. Now, I'd had a bit to drink - we'd been sitting still all day, and so people were buying each-other quite a bit to drink - and when I got to the fellow, I asked the exact opposite of what I meant to ask. I had everything flipped around in my head, and asked why they were banning jacketed .22 when everyone I knew uses lead shot. Oops!

But the guy responded as if jacketed 22s were, in fact, banned. Now I didn't realize what I'd said until later that night, but when I realized, I realized that the gentleman was clearly thinking the lead ban wasn't stopping with lead shot.

Now, this begs the question: Is the fed subsistence board eyeballing unjacketed .22 rounds in the preserve? If they do, there'll be hell to pay. I see that one being totally unenforceable.

I'd ask the guy I was talking to directly, but it seems he did not like me. So this is all speculation. Very wild speculation.

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