Monday, 5 October 2009

Pie in the sky, and sonar stations.

The Susitna Dam is back in the news again. Any bets on which gets finished first? The Susitna Dam, or the Road to Nome? My project to build a Trolly Car line all the way to Hooper Bay is currently ahead of them both, when I kicked around some dirt this morning on the way to the outhouse.

On an unrelated note, Anderson's scheme to give away free land to revitalize their community seems to have failed. Who would have thought that giving free land to random people wouldn't work...

A while ago, a bunch of fishers in Marshall staged a fishing protest against the subsistence closures. A bunch of other people in other villages did it too, but they didn't publicize the fact. The Feds finally ticketed someone - the only person they couldn't ignore, who was a VPSO. Word is around the water cooler that they really, really want this year's cluster**** to go away. Days like this, I'm glad I don't do anything with fish.

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flying fish said...

Crazy. The guy working on the B&B was a high school friend, best of luck Chip!