Monday, 12 October 2009

Smoking Nooks.

Anyone else catch the Nanooks on TV? I caught both the U of M game and the Mercyhurst game, and neither was pretty for the other team. Where UAF had a shaky power play before, both times special teams managed to capitalize on the single man advantage and puts some pucks in the net. It almost makes me feel good about the season.

I wish things looked so good for my other team, the Red Wings. They're solid as a rock; a strong mix of old skill and new talent. Except for that one tiny bit - except for the guy in front of the goal, Ozzy. And that person is pretty important. Last season he was pretty lacklustre, and this year it looks like a repeat.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

When did they start televising the Nanook games????? Personally though, ice hockey is much better live. Just my opinion.

TwoYaks said...

Yeah, they show a lot of the games on Fox 7. Especially for the away games in Anchoragua, or the tournaments. I agree, Hockey is better in person, with a minimum of two friends and 6 beers (total). But I'm not about to drive to Anchorage for anything if I can avoid it. ;)