Monday, 25 January 2010

Beer Notes from Last Night

If it seems like a while since I've reviewed a beer, this is true. September was my last one. Not for a lack of drinking - everyone but my mother will be glad to know I'm still working hard to destroy my liver and encourage negative stereotypes about my sort and profession. It's just I'd fallen into a beer rut, drinking lots of Moose Drool for a table beer, and Chimay Grand Reserve for special occasions. I picked up something new from Freds of all places, and decided to crack it open after spending a couple hours at work Sunday.

Ommengang Abby Ale, by Brewery Ommegang New York, United States

The bottle is a stately 75Cl, corked and basketed, with a red label with heraldic lions holding aloft an O. This is sullied by the instructions for pouring on the side. Upon pouring, I realize how translucent the glass actually is. There doesn't seem to be any indication of when it was bottled. The beer pours easily, with a rusty colour, and a minimal light tan head. It smells yeasty, with hints of banana and pepper. The odour is sweet and creamy. Drinking it, it has a silt like consistency on the tongue. The creamy texture really stands out here, as well as the mild fruits. There's mild carbonated bite to it, but the liquid clings to the mouth, coating it. Due to its mouthfeel, it suffers from lower drinkability. You must pace yourself, or intersperse glasses with either water or cheese, because it becomes overwhelming otherwise. 4.1 out of 5. A-.

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dragonfly said...

I've never tried Ommegang, and even with an A- review I'm not sure I will (serious beer is just not my thing). I did, however, walk around all day yesterday saying "Ommegang" in my head using every possible pronunciation and inflection possible.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

After reading your review I was surprised at your A- rating. You just gave it that high of a grade cus of the cool name, right?

TwoYaks said...

@Dave: Well, it had a good taste, a bit thick for my liking, and while the drinkability suffered, the scoring system I use balances different things percentage wise. I will point out that it's barely over the cusp of a B+ into A- territory.

I don't know what's so interesting about the name, that everyone seems to like. Is it a pun in english?