Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tightening the belt.

This was in the ADN recently:
A bill proposed by Gov. Sean Parnell would prohibit suspended sentences for Alaskans convicted of human trafficking, possession of child pornography or distribution of indecent materials to minors.

Sigh.  Are we physically incapable of learning from other states? Who does distribution laws and child pornography laws tend to hurt more than anyone else? Teens. There's a hysteria around Sexting, which is using cellphones to send explicit material to girl/boyfriends.
But even if you disagree with the practice, there's no denying that kids end up as sex offenders in other states for these kinds of laws.

Adding 14 yearolds to a sex offender registry for having nude pictures of themselves or their SO is not effective in combatting the real and dangerous problem of domestic abuse in our state. Instead, we're focusing on the much lesser, and generally over-blown (in scope) issue of Child Pornography. And as discussed before, the remainder of the bill isn't going to do much for making a dent in domestic violence because deterrence doesn't work on crimes of passion.

Is anyone else thinking about the latest version of Fell Acres hysteria? Except the law would have us lock up teens instead of grandmoms.

Sigh. It's just frustrating. Parnell should know better, honestly.

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