Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cease and Decist

A list of ads that it does you NO GOOD to show me on TV, in Fairbanks.
  • Dairy Queen
  • Olive Garden
  • Burger King
  • Comcast Cable
  • Applebee's
  • Red Lobster
  • Sonic
  • Travel to Alaska
  • Verison Wireless
  • Best Buy
  • Dunkin Doughnuts
So stop showing me those ad! Honestly! I'm not going to drive to the states just for some Red Lobster...
Though, I do like Tim Hortons. Why don't we have one anywhere in AK? There's a crime...

Funny thing is, at Fred Meyer's, they sell gift certificates to a lot of those places. Why? Why, I ask? What possible use is there?


Katie said...

For years we didn't have a Sonic, but now there's one 50 miles away. (I'm not driving 50 miles for a $0.99 burger.) So I guess they were just hyping it up for when we finally got one within the greater New England area? Red Lobster advertises all the time, too, so maybe in another decade one will open.

Arvay said...

I'd rather see ads for those places than for the Mattress Ranch. On Old Steese Highway's where they is.

TwoYaks said...

I think I would have to drive around 2000 miles to get a 99 cent burger... :P

The mattress ranch guy almost looks like he's having a seizure. The worst part is, the commercials are so bad that they probably are effective. That we know their slogan means his horrible, horrible commercials have /worked./ :P

Ed Darrell said...

No Verizon Wireless? You have only AT&T, and . . . who?

TwoYaks said...

@Ed: We recently got ATT, and before then have two local companies called GCI and and ACS (Which are awful and awful, respectively)