Monday, 15 March 2010

Just stating the obvious

I picked this up from the National Weather Service:
Statement as of 7:22 PM AKDT on March 15, 2010

... A colder and drier than average start to March at Fairbanks...

During the first two weeks of March the average temperature at the
Fairbanks International Airport was 3.5 degrees... which was 2.3
degrees below average. The month started mild with well above
average temperatures on the 3rd through the 6th... including a high
of 40 on the 3rd. It turned much colder during the second week of
March... with a low of 26 below on the 13th.

So far this March a total of 1.6 inches of snow has
fallen... which is 1.4 inches below average. For the season only
24.8 inches of snow has been observed... which is 38.3 inches
below average. The snowfall total for the winter season ranks as
the least amount of snow since the winter of 1952-1953.

For the next several days temperatures are expected to moderate...
with above average temperatures expected Thursday through Sunday.
Little or no precipitation is expected through next weekend. The
average high this time of year at Fairbanks is 25 and the average
low is 3 below.
Yea. 38.4 inches below normal. I'll believe that. Riding over tussocks, you nearly fall apart from the horrible vibrations. It's not to say we can't have a late spring sudden snowstorm, but it'd take 3ft of snow to put us back near the black, and that's a lot of snow, even in Valdez. And we didn't really have any -40, aside from a day or two of it. Not that I'm complaining, it's just odd...

Why is this year so warm and dry? I thought the PDO was going cold... which could explain the dry, if it weren't for the "Warm" part of that sentence. I'm not a meteorologist, but I'm curious why the climate was like it was. And, is this what the Arctic is going to look like in the future with Climate Change. If so, it can keep it!

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