Monday, 3 May 2010

Beer Notes from a few days ago

Grimbergen Blond, by N.V. Br Alekn-Maes, Jumet Belgium. 

The artwork is a bit gaudy on this 11.2 fl beer - some sort of hereldic eagle - but not too over the top. The beer pours a thick head, the beer itself a clear straw yellow. The predominant smell is yeast, but with a backing of fruity esters. The  first thing you notice is the clouded, muzzy mouthfeel of the beer, thick and silty. It has faint taste of bananas, backed with a carbonated bite. There's a light citrus zip, but the overwhelming silt feeling still dominants. It's hard to drink anymore than a little of this at a time, before it feels like your teeth are being sandblasted - bring plenty of water. 3.1/5 C+

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