Friday, 14 May 2010

From one mad-man to another

Mugabe is making a gesture to the rest of the world, gathering up animals two-by-two to send them to that paragon of sanity, Kim Jong-Il.
According to conservationists, the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, will send a modern-day ark – containing pairs of giraffes, zebras, baby elephants and other wild animals taken from a national park – to a zoo in North Korea.

The experts warned that not every creature would survive the journey to be greeted by Mugabe's ally Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leader.

There are particular fears that a pair of 18-month-old elephants could die during the long airlift.
But what other brilliance do we expect from the man who made all of Zimbabwe billionaires.


Anonymous said...

Not only will the trip be dangerous, but I have serious concerns about the level of care once they reach their destination. You know....simple things like will they have enough food to keep them healthy.

Arvay said...

Yeah no joke. That is sad. Just because some political big-shots have tiny wankers and need to compensate.