Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beer Notes from Sunday

If you think it's telling that I've reviewed two Redhook beers in a row, you're on to something. I bought a sampler on Friday, which gives me 4 new beers to try! I'll try the other two later - I can only review one beer a day. ;)

Mud Slinger Spring Ale, by Redhook Ale Brewery, Washington
Mud Slinger has the same over-moulded, far too transparent bottle that the rest of the Red Hook line seems to have, with the stylized wheat and what must be a series of conifers from their logo. Be beer is a deep burgundy, with a darker tan head that remains for a while. Mud Slinger smells malty, hops, and just a hint of nuttiness. It's lightly sweet, with just the right amount of hops to the malts. The mouth feel is lightly carbonated, chewy and viscous. The slightly bitter aftertaste from the hops is the last thing on your palate. Honestly, the flavour could be more nutty, since it aspires to be a Brown Ale, and the finish keeps this otherwise good offering from being great. 3.5 out of 5. B+


flying fish said...

If you have a few days, come down to Haines and taste some of Paul's beer at the local brewery. He does a good line up of stouts, reds and ipa' browns though.

TwoYaks said...

Oh, absolutely. I'd love to make it down to Haines. I was going to catch the Ferry this month, but that plan fell apart.