Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Beer Notes from Sunday

Coper Hook Copper Ale, by Redhook Ale Brewery, Washington

First: despite it's name, it's an amber ale. That said...

In Red Hook's typical overmoulded bottle, frail and translucent as any of their other line, Copper Hook has no great external appeal. The beer is presumably copper colour - orange, more like - with light-mild carbonation foam. It smells of fruit - heavy citrus - with a hint of something peppery. It feels smooth across the tongue, with no real carbonated bite. It has the aforementioned citrus zest, but it's less conveyed by taste than it had through aroma. The hops aren't as heavy-handed as in some of their other offerings. There's a light, creamy aftertaste, followed by a clean, dry feeling. There's nothing overwhelming about this beer, but instead a nice, surprising combination of flavours that play well together. 3.6 of 5. B.

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