Thursday, 21 April 2011


Yes, I know the photo is on the wrong day! Photos on a Thursday? Why, it's unthinkable!
I actually have photography block. I haven't seen anything and though, `wow, that's pretty` lately, and that's unsurprising. After all, we're in full-on melt-down mode here in Fairbanks. The snow is nasty, mud is getting all over, and ice is building up on any depression or level surface. Add to that the fact that most of westridge on campus is being dug up right now, and you got yourself a pretty ugly place. Luckily, soon it'll be warm enough for foliage to start coming out, and the place will be greener than you can shake a stick at.


Arvay said...

That's gorgeous. Where is it?

flying fish said...

Glacier Bay?

TwoYaks said...

Yup! Glacier Bay NP&P. :) One of the most photogenic parks in AK! I'll be down there again this summer, though how much photography time I'll have is questionable.

flying fish said...

I miss going out to the bay, I spent a lot of time there on the tour boats. I got to see Muir go from a glacier to a mudflats. Amazing place.

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