Friday, 26 September 2008

Bear Safety from the Expert

I get a lot of hits on the post I wrote about Dr. Smith's paper on Alaska's use of bear spray. Most of them are google hits, which makes me wonder if there's really an interest in this stuff. Like I said in the previous post, I'm gungho on Bear Spray, and think its a real boon to lower 48 wildlife managers - it's a great less than lethal option. I'd really like to study if the deterrence value of bear spray changes over time - my guess would be that it increases with any one given bear (A sprayed bear is less likely to charge someone else) . Sadly, this stuff is hard to study for obvious reasons. IRBs tend to frown on research design that involves potentially killing the human subjects.

Anyhow, this whole ramble is here because I wanted to point to Joe Nava, who had another article about him in the Fairbanks Daily Minor News. This time, he was in it for the bear safety course he's running. There's a guy with a sense of humour, eh? I'd point out this guy, firearm expert and so forth, says he gave his daughters bear spray for when they go jogging. And I strongly doubt it's because his daughters don't shoot (given how many women he's got into shooting sports!).

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