Thursday, 18 September 2008

I don't hoo, do Ya-hoo?

Division of Elections has given their initial count of the Young/Parnell Primary, and it appears to be Young by 304 votes. If you're a Parnell supporter, don't bury yourself in beer just yet (Unless it's after 12, in which case go for it!); Young won't be crowing either. This such a narrow victory, in such a sliver of the votes cast, that it's really rounding error. The recount was a given since day one - with this sort of tight election result, it behooves everyone to want a recount, because we want to make sure everyone who voted had their vote counted appropriately. The state owes no less to its citizens.

The other interesting bit of news was that Palin had her email account `hacked.` It probably wasn't actually hacked, but phished, or someone employed judicious social engineering. I don't expect technical accuracy from the media, however. Their job is to report the truth, not get it right! Funny thing is, I found out about wikileaks not but a few days before this, when I was poking at something else. It's the sort of site that is either criminal, or heroic, depending on whether it's causing trouble for someone you like or not.

Thing is, Palin is a fridiot to have a Yahoo! account for state business. Not just slightly a fridiot. A huge fridiot. And the govt's IT&S department-equivilent has some serious egg on their face for letting her use it. Not only is the security on Yahoo!, gMail, and Hotmail accounts not nearly up to snuff for anything remotely important, but it looks unprofessional, and wastes resources already allocated to government email accounts. This is the sort of stupidity I expect from Alberto Gonzales, who was only not charged with seriously mis-handling highly classified documents because he genuinely appeared too incompotent to know otherwise. Not from Palin.

Uuugh. This whole episode makes our whole executive office look stuck somewhere back in the 1970s. Anyone with even the least bit of techsavy would be fighting off a migrane. The only way it could have been worse is if her password was `password.`

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