Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Land Grab

The Fairbanks City council went and pissed me off a whole lot, yesterday, but basically flaunting everyone's concerns in exchange for money. What'd they do? They voted to annex the Airport Fred Meyer's into the city. The story sums this up properly: No one in the area wants Fred's to be annexed. No citizens do. Annexing Fred's will not improve the services it gets one whit. It will now get worse, because it'll no longer be protected by the nearby college fire station, or so on. It doesn't even rank very high on the logical additions to the city, except in one category:

It'll net the City a crapload of money in taxes.

So many people are against this that you have to think the only people for it is the city council itself. I wish I could have gone down and given them hell, except I don't live in city limits (far from it.) Now I'm going to have to pay taxes to the city for my consumables for worsening services that Fred Meyer's will be getting.

So us all can expect to start paying city sales tax soon, when this gets the final rubber-stamp approval. Like the price of food hasn't gone up fast enough these last three months.


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