Thursday, 25 September 2008

Slow Broadband

I read something recently in Cathy@Kotz's blog 'bout glacial broadband, and it felt awfully familiar. I read something recently that showed AK broadband was a) the slowest in the nation and b) not even close to priced appropriately. I can't find the article with B, but re: point a...
The Speed Matters report also ranks individual states based on median Internet download speeds. In a hurry? Log in from the five fastest states: Rhode Island (6.8 mbps), Delaware (6.7 mbps), New Jersey (5.8 mbps), Virginia (5.0 mbps) and Massachusetts (4.6 mbps).
Plan ahead in Idaho (1.3 mbps), Wyoming (1.3 mbps), Montana (1.3 mbps), North Dakota (1.2 mbps) and Alaska (0.8 mbps), which round out the bottom five.
They like to blame infrastructure, around here. It's not infrastructure. We've got some of the newest there is in great chunks of the state.

Really, we as consumers are just being taken for a ride. Since there's a derth of providers (what, two in Fairbanks, one most anywhere else?), we get squeezed into making poor decisions. And there's rarely incentive for competition (and therefore improvement) in such homogeneous markets.

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