Saturday, 13 September 2008

Feh; High-Calibre greeting

Working straight through this weekend. Next person to say State Employees have it easy gets punched in the face. Hopefully I get everything done early, because I'm sort of out of stuff to prepare food with. Pilot bread and mayo is tasty, but not a meal. Oh, and dishes. Need to do them.

Met the new neighbours. They hadn't moved in properly yet, but were dropping off groceries. They seem all right - anyone who offers me smoked salmon seems all right - but we'll wait and see. Watch as one turns out to be a crazy psycho killer (Qu'est-ce que c'est?).

Speaking of crazies... Circle Woman starts shooting because people camp out on public land too close to her turf. I want to smack around some of the commenters on the story, and the Minor-News' site. Shooting into the air is not innocent. You shouldn't be pulling a trigger unless you intend to make something very hurt. She's lucky that people didn't start shooting back. I know I, in the past, did not stand around and ask questions when I heard gunfire coupled with people angry at me. And the fact that this was on public land?
When troopers contacted Straub and her husband, they acknowledged that the rafters were on public land, but said it had been “standard procedure” for the past 40 years for them to shoot in the air at trespassers, according to the complaint.
If they're on public land... they can't goddamn be tresspassing. That's what public land means.

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