Monday, 3 August 2009

Back again

From the perspective of avoiding smoke for 5 days, my trip south to hang around at a fish camp was a glowing success. From what I can figure out from talking to people, the weather up here only got worse until the cool air moved in. I usually don't "take sides," since fire makes good moose habitat, but I want to see a fleet of flying tankers douse the fires at this point...

From the perspective of trying to fish, the trip was much more mixed. The Copper river was very high, and the fish weren't going anywhere. Things were so rough that some metal equipment got bent by the currents. Oops! I saw a lot of guys motoring around on their 16 foot alumiwelds, and they seemed to have no problem going down stream. When they tried to go upstream, they'd barely be moving, despite their engines roaring. We eventually made up the trip in fish, and after giving a good chunk of it to a couple I was with (they need the fish for feeding their family at their upcoming wedding), I still have a respectable amount.

Now if only I didn't have to eat it in the middle of now three wildfires...
I miss the winter.

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