Monday, 3 August 2009

Sounds Familiar!

Via The Customer is Not Always Right:
Tour Guide | Norway

(I had a job on a boat, taking tourists out to sea so they could take really nice pictures of the midnight sun. One day, one of the tourists came up to me.)

Me: “What do you think of the midnight sun?”

Tourist: “Yeah, it’s really nice, but tell me one thing. On the map of our solar system, where is the midnight sun located?”

Me: “Er…the sun?”

Tourist: “No! I know where the sun is, but where is the midnight sun?”

Me: “The midnight sun and the sun are exactly the same, but when you are as far north as you are now, and since it’s summer, the sun never sets.”

Tourist: “WHAT THE F***?! I’m gonna sue your sorry a** for false advertisement! I didn’t come all the way from the US to watch the sun I have back home! *storms away
Sounds about like some of the tourists I've met over here... :}

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Allmycke said...

When I was hosting the in-town campground in Inuvik one summer, I had an American tourist ask if there was a light at the entrance to the campground. Understandably, I couldn't quite understand the question until he gave this explanation: "Well, we're going to the Legion and they don't close until after midnight and then we want to make sure to see the entrance to the campground."