Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Cauga una?

Two weeks ago I left you with this.
I had to do my homework, because it's one of those LBBs*. I think after my investigation, that it's a 1st year Yellow Warbler Dendroica petchia. But I'm not sure, since I never was really good at LBBs.

This week, I'm back to mammals in Alaska. I just want to know about the skull to the left...

* LBBs=Little Brown Birds in ornithology speak. Basically Passeriformes.


Anonymous said...

My mother's into bird watching, and was reading this over my shoulder. She also thinks it's a yellow warbler. So you have an amateur bird watcher who agrees with you!

I'm going to take a random guess on the skull - it's definitely canine, so I'm just gonna go with coyote cause I like coyotes and there's not much for size comparison on the table :P

- That person who usually lurks

gpc said...

I wish I could see the teeth, but they don't look like super-pointy carnivore teeth from here. Still, nose too long to be a cat or bear. Big eyes. Maybe a fox?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Our left or the picture's left?