Monday, 24 August 2009

One of the 57 Avatars of a crappy movie

Things went amazingly smoothly, and I'm back in SquareFranks already. I love it when the worst thing that happens is a pinched sock rubs your foot wrong.

So, I saw an ad for Avatar, which is an upcoming Sci-Fi movie, and I was interested. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and read over the plot synopsis. It seemed a heck of a lot like "Dances With Wolves" except set in space. So I googled `avatar film dances with wolves,` and what did I find as my first hit?

"James Cameron: Yes, 'Avatar' is 'Dances with Wolves' in space ..."

I apparently nailed it.

What really annoys me is that it isn't even a good remake of Dances With Wolves. You see, according to the plot synopsis, the human who joins the indigenous alien clan (we'll have to call the code breaking unit at the CIA to figure that one out) goes "alien" and integrates himself. And then he ends up leading the aliens against the humans their salvation.

So not only is it remaking a movie that really didn't need remaking, but in this version, Kevin Kostner knew way better than the Indians, and used his super awesome white-guy knowledge to kick white guy butt.

And the writers didn't see anything wrong about this? Normally I'd worry that I'm reading too much into it, except the Director said that his intention was to make it all about that. You'd think they'd realize that maybe a story about how people just need a white guy as leadership to succeed might not be in the best taste.

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gpc said...

Maybe I'll have a comment when I stop laughing. And Avatar will not go on my Netflix list. Glad your trip went well.