Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A better use for DHS money

We're lucky, here in Fairbanks, to be insulated from a vicious strain nonsense to a small degree. Due to its location, and the lifestyle of many of it's inhabitants, a given person is much less likely to be an animal-rights nutjob. There are some (like the people who kept releasing the feral, diseased dogs from the live traps), but not many. It becomes easy to forget here that other people are much less lucky.

These acts are, pure and simple, terrorism. It's terrorism from a practical standpoint (in that it hopes to intimidate), and it's terrorism from a legal standpoint. In all the TSA nonsense, and the DHS terror alert rainbows, we've neglected the most active and serious form of terrorism in the United States. If you don't think it's a problem, I offer you this timeline. Notice how the problem's got worse after 11 September.

And it's getting more and more bold. Their anti-science agenda is pretty damn clear when they're targeting researchers who use fruit flies. Honest to god, these people are trying to kill humans over insects with a lifespan usually around a few weeks.

Jerry Vlasak, a pathetic pile of shit sorry excuse of a waste of life, slithered out of his hole as usual and made his usual comments about how he `doesn't know who did the attacks (wink wink nudge nudge), but he he supports this stuff, and plans on buying the people a big cake.` Actually, the usual language is `I don't condone such actions (except when I condone them), but I can see what drives people to violence.`

I have a modest proposal for such a guy. We arrest him, interrogate him, and throw all his bombing buddies in jail for the rest of their adult lives too. Mister `gosh, how'd I end up where the attack would occur again?` A non-islamic terrorist should get the same treatment as the ones we capture bent on a more different Jihad. Equal rights demands nothing less.

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