Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Two posts at once!

Summer is officially over. The fireweed near my home finished blooming and is turning red, this morning had a frost advisory, the leaves are starting to change... Alas! Alack! Summer, we barely knew thee. At least it was sunny, yesterday. As opposed to cloudy. And today, FBNS schools are back in service! @Cathy reported that Kotz was in session this last Monday, and @E tells me that part of LYSD is back in on the 25th. Heck, it even smelled like the end of summer, this morning.
Sadly, I know what the end of summer brings: Fall college students. :( Soon, I'll have to beat off Undergrads with a stick to get parking, and we'll find random `gifts` left in the restrooms again. I may have to valiantly defend my office from their incursions. Things will get much noisier and busier. Luckily, we have winter break to look forward to, for 'ridding ourselves of the students for quiet, again.

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