Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bigfoot made of unusual proteins.

A week or two ago, when the story broke, it was trumpeted to the high heavens: Bigfoot was found! All the bigfoot hunters were swaggering around like that one pirate from that Disney Pirates movie they made all the rotten sequels for. "Ha!"so many of them went. "Look who's red faced now!"

So when it turned out that the hairyman/sasquatch they found was a rubber gorilla suit? They got unusually quiet. Strangely, the newspapers aren't covering it quite as much, either. I guess `AP and NYT got taken in by two guys and a 20 dollar costume` doesn't make a good headline. But in true sasquatch researcher style, they should have concluded that sasquatch is actually hollow, and closely related to the rubber tree! Parsimony demands nothing less as a conclusion!

Will hairyman ever be found? Maybe! I give it a probability of p less than 1x10^-7! I'm generous, though, and I'm willing to give the bigfoot researchers much better odds with other things: p greater than .95 that they'll go and make fools of themselves again in the future. O:)

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