Monday, 18 August 2008

Amplify your fruit

When it comes to those dumb foot pads (they did a `too little too late` NPR story on them), I have only one question: How do you enhance a grapefruit? Can I buy an enhanced grapefruit at the Enhanced Fred Meyer's? If so, I want a dozen. The quality of my breakfast demands no less!

Tomorrow: Braving the DMV. I'll need, like, an enhanced pineapple for that. Or a double amplified energized bowl of blueberries.


Arvay said...

Experience the "natural power or nature"!

That's just... astounding! Where do I put my credit card number?

Arvay said...

Oh wow! Tourmaline and amethyst. I was just telling a friend this week that I understood completely if he was turned off by a girl who was either A) into astrology or B) believed that jewelry conferred medical benefits.

KC said...

But! But! It uses quantum vibrations! There's quantum right in the name, how can it /not/ be legit?!

I never got the magnet thing, but maybe it's because I associate magnets with breaking stuff - like, say, harddrive platters. :p