Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More wonton stat abuse.

Quick political bit: It probably got lost among the excitement (I know what way Fairbanks voted, judging from the number of people out drinking last night), but the Stevens/Young race isn't over. With about 1/3rd of the vote still out in the form of absentee or early votes, it's still anyone's game. I'll refrain from navel gazing just yet, except to say Stevens went home in a bit of a mood yesterday probably because he was thinking the same thing I am - those forty some thousand votes tend to be from registered Dems. It isn't over yet for anyone.

Hey, so, I wrote a post yesterday about the media abusing correlational statistics? They're not the only one. Some moonbats are using a study to claim that `rainfall causes autism,` a laughable hypothesis at best. One of my favourite medical quackery-debunkers writes a post where he spends some time mauling people putting out the many, many flaws in their reasoning.

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