Wednesday, 5 November 2008

`Ii-i, piyugngaukut!`

@Wal was talking to his students, trying to be encouraging. I had to fight off less than helpful inclinations.

"What did Obama say yesterday?"
"Uh, `I'm president?`"
"Nuu. He said `Ii-i, piyugngaukut!`" *writes it down.*

I think to myself . o O( I think I would have noticed it, if he said that. )

The moral of the story is that sometimes, it's good to keep your mouth shut. :)

Also, I kinda like that. I tried to look around to see if someone translated `Yes we can!` in to a whole bunch of languages so I could toss that their way, but it looks like no one has, beyond `Sí se puede.` Even if you're not fond of the guy, or sceptical of his politics, it's a nice message. So here we go:

English -----Yes, We can!
Spanish ----Sí se puede!
Yugcetun---Ii-i, piyugnaukut!
German----Ja, wir können!
Latin-------Certe, possumus!
Russian----Да мы можем
Esperanto-Jes, ni povas!
Romanian-Da putem!
French-----Oui, on peut!
Swedish----Ja, vi kan!
Italian------Sí, possiamo!

Most of this is from other people, If you have any corrections to make, or one to add, leave a comment! :}


allmycke said...

Ja, vi kan! in Swedish

mankso said...

The Esperanto version is not correct as written. It should be 'Jes, ni povas'. ('povi' is the infinitive form = to be able).

Katie said...

Si, possiamo! (Italian - but the Si should have an accented "i")

sunneschii said...

Swiss German: Ja, mir chöng
(the last word depends on the dialect.. it could as well be chönd, chönne, chönge, chend...)
But you could argue if Swiss German is a language and not only an anomaly from German...