Wednesday, 26 November 2008

This about says it all:
The official Xinhua News Agency reports the hospitalized student later said the panda was so cute and cuddly he never expected to be bitten.
No one expects the panda attack, until they maul you. It's a true fact. I read it in this totally true to life graphic novel.

Seriously. Didn't expect to be mauled by a panda bear? What, is the guy lobotomized or something? I could understand expecting Black and Brown Bears to be nothing but cuddlebugs in their den (and if they're not, they're talking about making it so you can shoot the black ones who snub you in their den). But Pandas are mean spirited, vicious attack animals who only crave your flesh.

One thing I never quite got, though. I accept the comic is 100% true - they'd never say it was a true story if it wasn't. But I don't remember many pandas in any boreal forests. Must be a gap in my education.