Wednesday, 12 November 2008

PoliSci trivia for people outside.

Nationally, Rural areas tend to be more supportive of Republicans than Democrats. Nationally, Urban areas tend to be the opposite. So it blows the minds of quite a few people outside when they find out that AK, yet again, is a weird, different place. Here's the prelim results from Stevens/Begich. It's from the ADN's wonderful figure.
Most of those rural areas are not merely plurality blue, but fairly deep blue. You can also see this reflected in the make up of the state offices, when looking at the location of each district. - I'll hasten to add that it's not a perfect correspondence with this (E.g., Kodiak), and there's slightly more republican representation at the state level. Still, the averages remain: most of Alaska's Republican lean comes from urban areas, especially Anchorage and Mat-Su.

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