Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Moose on the loose

A moose decided to check out UAA's student union. Some suggested captions:
  1. Hey buddy, aren't you a little young to be taking college classes?
  2. More proof the university doesn't really care about the students: there's not even a sprig of willow in any of dining halls! You have to go off campus for some decent food!
  3. UAA decides to hedge their bets against UAF next hockey season by recruiting a new netminder who can simply sit down in front of the goal.
  4. Yes, UAA's admission standards have slipped a little bit. Still, he had an impressive list of extra curriculars.
  5. Yes, I am a bit fuzzy from the lack of sleep. Why do you ask?
  6. A moose looks for biologists to netgun and radio collar. 

This is what you get from me when I'm running caffeine and old episodes of Top Gear in the background while I scramble to get everything done in the next two weeks. What would you caption it with?

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