Sunday, 25 January 2009

Beer Notes from... today! Live!

I couldn't find James Boag's Premium Lager at any of my usual haunts, but I'm not yet to declare defeat just yet. Gold Hill says they can possibly find some. As a thanks, I grabbed one of their seasonals, that they're trying to clear out (20% off). Among them was Delirium Noël, which is a heady beer that can keep for a bit. I've just finished writting up my notes, and here we are!

Delirium Noël, Huyghe Brewery. Ghent, Belgium. A-, 4.1 of 5.
Pink Elephants aside, Delirium Noël looks like a beer that intends to be a beer. It came in a stately (sans elephants) 75 cl bottle, corked and basket, in opaque glass. There's little notable about the pour, beyond the deep amber colour, and the thin head. There's apples, cinnamon, and what seems to be a few light, phenolic hints in the odour. In the mouth it's smooth, not at all thin, and with perfect amount of crispness to counter this sweet, malty beer. Little citrus zest, though not much, and it first, I confused it with a more peppery flavour. The alcohol becomes apparent as it warms, but so does the `roasted fruits` of indeterminate origin. A heady beer, sweet enough that people must take pains to pace themselves.