Sunday, 4 January 2009

Other places that are cold

While I was waiting for the garage to put new belts in my truck, oh, in October I think, I was sitting in the lobby on my laptop, listening to two mechanics talk politics. It was after one of the debates, and they were saying how miserable it looked for McCain. Somehow, Palin came up, and the two had a hearty scoff at the notion that Levi was anything but a shot gun wedding.

About then, one of them mentioned that Levi got his future daddy in law to get him a North Slope job as an apprentice electrician. That caught my attention, and I closed my laptop: "Uh, don't you need an associates to skip the apprenticeship, or a diploma to start the apprenticeship?" There were crickets for a moment. Actually, there was pneumatic tools, but crickets seems more thematically appropriate. "Actually... yes."

Well, it turns out us three weren't the only ones to notice this. Dan Fagan in a letter to ADN's editor also goes, `something's skeezy.` Frankly, this needs attention a little more than `On Second Thought, My name isn't so Bad.` As important it is to document people who had their name changed...

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