Thursday, 29 January 2009

"Some Chicago Toughness"

If I grumble about the big what-you-do they're having about the weather in the lower 48, people'd accuse me of being a grump.

If Barak Obama said it, people would start accusing him of being insensitive to the inclimate weather's effect on people.

But if Sasha and Malia Obama said it, it's speaking truth to power. :p

This is what I imagine they were thinking when they heard reporters on Inauguration Day call it `frigid` every other word. ;)

Naturally, John Kelly at the Washington Post takes issue:

Not being able to handle ice and snow--fishtailing on highways, rioting for toilet paper, shutting down schools--is an integral part of Washington's charming folkways, the way rampant corruption is part of Chicago's. We snarl at tourists who block the Metro escalators, we happily get gouged by sports team owners, we elect drug addicts, we make desultory attempts every few years to fix our public schools and we freak out when it snows. That's just what we do. And now you want us to start doing something different?