Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Conservapedia is useful

So there I was, hunkered in front of the toyo (some reason my home was frigid when I woke up) playing with the laptop and reading the morning news when, in my internet wanderings, some kind soul pointed me to where Wonkette picked up a lovely factoid about the beloved conservapedia:

Well stop it, now, and Porn Block every site that’s not Conservapedia, the home of conservative pedophiles “The Trustworthy Encyclopedia.” For example, say your home-schooled-in-Christ kid needs to do a report on which states would benefit from Dem senators who, tragically, “were unable to complete their terms and were replaced by qualified Republicans by their Republican governors.” Where to go? That homosexual devil box “Wikipedia” surely would be of no assistance, to Patriots!
That's great! I was going to do a blog post about which senators we should assassinate, and the list will surely speed things along.

Sadly, some of my `Conservapedia's greatest hits` have been taken down out of embarrassment. Use of commonwealth Enlish (which is what I learned to use, you might have notice) is apparently a sign of flaming liberal bias. On this page, there used to be a picture of Jesus riding a dinosaur (as he often did in the bible) stroking an iguana. Luckily, the internet has saved it for me:

Jesus approves you assassinating senators. So does his pet iguana, Pookey.